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Hiring mistakes may result in high employee turnover, low employee morale, and a decrease in office efficiency…In short, a “poor hire” is like a virus that works its way throughout your organization affecting you, your staff and your patients.

  • Data Driven – Our in depth analysis helps you secure the best possible fit

  • Results Oriented – We’re devoted to getting it right the first time

  • Compatibility Led – Our approach means delivering the most Compatible candidate in every way

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“Leigh Olson from Nova Dental Careers found us a great team member to add to our front desk.  After having the doctors, front desk team leader, and myself take a ProScan (Personality Assessment), She coached us and helped to figure out what would be a good fit based on our criteria and personalities. She then searched for a person who would fit into our ideal personality and ability scope. We are grateful for her skills in finding the right team member that not only had the skills we needed but had the right personality to fit in with our practice. She also gave us insight into our own personalities!”

Megan Shepard, Southbridge Dentistry

“As a dentist it is difficult to find the time to “wear all the hats”: CEO, CFO, Chief cook and bottle washer not to mention being your own human resource specialist.  And, anyone with even modest business experience knows; getting the right people on the bus is critical for the success of any organization.  After 25 years of frustrating experiences attempting to attract and retain the “dream team” and failing miserably, I stumbled upon Leigh Olson.  Unlike other HR firms we have retained in the past, Leigh thoroughly evaluated the personality profiles of our existing staff and dentists, and our perceived staffing needs.  From that point forward the process was remarkably painless.  She wrote advertisements and networked with other human resource specialists to attract suitable applicants. She screened all applicants and did appropriate background checks before passing along resume’s for our consideration.  Within 3 months we had filled 2 positions and our “dream team” is now complete.  Most remarkably Leigh did everything for a fixed cost, and with the most cheerful disposition of any outside consultant we have ever employed.  My only regret is not finding her 25 years ago!”

Mark R. Link, D.D.S.

“Our experience with Nova Dental Careers has been second to none. Their knowledge of office management systems and staff interrelations enables them to improve the financial health of the practices they work with. In working with practices in transition, their ability to work with buyers and sellers to increase their profitability and staff effectiveness makes them a vital part of successful practice building.”

Robert B. Deloian, D.D.S., Professional Transition Strategies

“Leigh’s services with Nova Dental Careers. helped us hire an Awesome assistant and two hygienists.  Leigh helped relieve so much of the stress of hiring for me, I plan to use her again if we ever need a new hire!”

Dr. Chelsea Mayer, D.D.S.

“I have utilized Leigh Olson with Nova Dental Careers on two separate occasions in the past year to help our office locate and hire new team members for our orthodontic practice. Her expertise and professionalism were instrumental in allowing us to make excellent hires. The screening and interviewing process was very thorough, and made the entire endeavor easy and pleasant. I highly recommend her for your personnel recruiting needs.”

Tom Melcher, D.D.S., Louisville, CO

“The consulting approach that Nova uses is unlike any other consulting group I have ever been associated with over my 30 plus years in the dental field. What an eye opener!, if personalities are clashing and communication is not happening there is no reason to go further! You can have all the policies and procedures in place but without the ability to relate and communicate with your co-workers you have nothing.”

Terry L. Clark, Brockman Family Dentistry, Inc

“I recently attended a seminar which featured Nova Dental and I found it really enjoyable and the subject matter refreshing. They really know and understand the working of the Dental office and I would recommend their service to everyone I know.”

Cindy Schwartzkopf, Smoky Hill Dental

“Nova Dental offers a dynamic duo who present Dental Practice Management systems in a manner that is very refreshing. Their spin on topics is energetic and easily applied the minute you return to the office. You will receive many pearls if you are fortunate enough to attend a presentation.”

Nancy Hansen, Charles S. Danna, DDS., P.C.

“Mastering the Hiring Process – a Workshop on Effective and Lawful Hiring” is a great resource for Colorado dentists and their dental office managers. The program, developed by Judith Holmes, Leigh Olson and Steve Scalbom, uses a unique approach combining traditional learning with hands-on workshops to take attendees through the various steps of the hiring process. The seminar provides the basic, and not so basic, skills and legal considerations that a dental team needs to know and implement to find their “ideal” employee.”

Colorado Dental Association, Colorado Dental Association

“I thoroughly enjoyed the hiring seminar! I gained some very useful information and insights. Steve, Leigh and Judy are excellent presenters and they were able to convey their messages in a very “user friendly” and entertaining manner. I especially enjoyed the mock interviews, and the feedback regarding those sessions. The day just flew by. I would definitely be interested in attending any additional sessions available.”

Lori Peiffer, MEDDirect Recruiting & Staffing

“Personnel decisions are among the most important that managers and owners make, with long-lasting effects. Whether you have years of experience or you are just getting your feet wet, I would encourage anyone who has a role in the hiring process to attend “Mastering the Hiring Process.” Nova Dental in conjunction with Judith Holmes, President of The Compliance Clinic, LLC have put together a program that is highly informative, yet fun and engaging with an opportunity to practice your new skills. The whole hiring process was covered from self assessment to creating an ad to attract the personality type that would compliment the existing team to in-depth review of resumes with an eye to “fit,” followed by appropriate interview questions to elicit the information an applicant might not readily disclose right on through what items an offer letter should cover. This was all topped off by the expertise and input of a top labor-law attorney, Judith Holmes. This seminar is not to be missed!”

Elaine Olson, Laser Health Centered Dentistry

“Nova Dental has really boosted our practice on the road to the next level. Anyone can come in and tell you that to increase your productivity you simply need to increase “production” but that will never get to the cause which is getting the “right fit” with the people and talent that make up a “team”.

Nova surpassed our expectations in fine-tuning the team so that the individuals within it function more smoothly within the vision of the practice as a whole while still honoring individual personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Leigh and Steve helped us in a very kind and respectful manner through a very difficult transition and, through their in-depth screening process, were able to assist us in finding stellar team members and then continued the process by building and solidifying the team. Nova, you’re the best!”

Steven C. Olsen , DDS Laser Health Centered Dentistry

“I recently attended the “Mastering the Hiring Process” workshop held at the Inverness Hotel and Conference center and it was incredible! The atmosphere that Leigh, Judy and Steve created was focused and interactive while at the same time intimate and relaxing. The combination of presentations balanced with “Hands –On” workshops and real actors playing the parts of prospective employees was incredible and mirrored the experiences I have had when trying to get the “Right Fit” with a new employee in our office. Overall, Mastering the Hiring Process created the type of interactive learning experience I had hoped for. I can’t wait to attend the next program!”

Karina Hegstad, Timothy Masterson, DDS

“I am so glad I attended the Mastering the Hiring Process seminar and workshops! Our office has always focused more on the traditional “objective” information to hire new employees and has not really considered the importance of the “subjective” side. Now as I look back on the people that haven’t worked out in our office, I see why their personalities created tension and conflict with our office from the start! This program forced me to take a much closer look at our current team and the personality traits and values that make up our office. Using what I learned I will be looking for personal values and common traits as part of the process to get the “right fit” in a new hire…the first time.

Additionally, using professional actors to play the parts of potential employees for our interview workshop was incredible and helped me to realize that I need to craft a more in depth line of questioning to uncover hidden secrets from those applicants that may be misrepresenting themselves.

I really appreciated the time and effort your team put into this program and I look forward to attending more meetings in the future!”

Megan Schaak, Colorado Surgical Arts

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with your consulting service. It was no small task as we found ourselves almost overnight without an associate dentist, hygienist, front desk person and assistant! Your initial one on one evaluation with everyone that took the “pulse” of our office followed by their individual Pro Scans gave each of us a much better understanding and “inside” look at our own personalities and the best way to communicate with each other. As the manager, these evaluations have helped me be a much better “coach” and mentor.

All the hours you spent with the employees and all the help we were given to solve the problems we were having really helped to turn our dental office around. Your hiring process using the job scan and new job description was critical in helping me replace several key employee positions including a new associate dentist! We were simply given the right tools to get the right people. I would recommend you as a consulting firm to people I know because you are a very caring and knowledgeable team.”

Cindy Schwartzkopf, Smoky Hill Dental

“The Mad Hatter seminar at the 2012 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention was truly unique! The presenters used a “workshop” format to unite all 170 attendees together as a team to try and find realistic solutions to the three top issues we all face as office managers; Conflict Resolution, Time Management and Leadership Challenges.

As a group we learned about the many layers of personalities and trait characteristics each of us has and the role they play in defining our lives and how using this knowledge will help us deal more effectively with conflict within our teams. Using this same strategy, the group also shared great ideas on better “Time management” and how to handle “Leadership” issues within our offices.

The workshop format was truly effective and delivered real “take Home “value by combining combining our talent, experience and ideas as managers resulting in some realistic solutions that can be implemented right away.”

Stephanie Stone, Levin Family Dental

“Leigh and Steve have consistently proven themselves to be a source of trustworthy information that provides results in the dental office. I enjoyed the Nova Dental presentation I attended and gathered many constructive ideas for improving how our dental practice works. I recommend the Nova Dental Careers team highly. It was time well spent.”

Norrie Harris, Dr. Michael J Huber, DDS, Periodontics

“I recently attended a Manager Study Club in which Leigh and Steve of Nova Dental presented the PDP system as applied to the dental team. At that time our office was hiring for a Front Desk position and the discussion by Leigh and Steve taught me about building an excellent staff. The very next week we found the perfect individual to complete our team. Thank you, Leigh and Steve for this helpful information that guided me in hiring the right person for our office.”

Cheryl Olson RDH, Minick Orthodontontics

“Leigh and Steve’s program helped my office realize there are many different types of personalities and character traits and that sometime people aren’t being mean or rude; it’s just how we perceive them at that time. We also learned to adjust our personalities to our patients. It helped with treatment acceptance and better relationships with our patients.

I personally use what I learned from their program in my everyday life. It has helped me be an overall better person by consciously being aware of the other personality types and adjusting mine to better communicate.

Leigh and Steve’s approach to building strong foundations and lasting relationships has been a wonderful exercise and overall life lesson for my entire staff.”

Kayla Welch, Cope Family Dental

“The hiring seminar was one of the best I’ve attended.  Judy presented  detailed legal information that was easy to follow and kept  the audience engaged.  Steve and Leigh enhanced the presentation with value based practice management techniques.   The interactive exercises allowed participants to put to use the information covered in a fun and entertaining way. The smaller group setting allowed for a more intimate, personal experience in the form of a workshop rather than a lecture type seminar.”

Areta Reimer, MHS, Drs. Bassett, Wallace, Selner & Taylor

“I never knew that the hiring process was so complex!  Mastering the Hiring Process Seminar identifies key legal issues to protect you and your potential applicants. This interactive seminar improved both my interviewing skills and ability to identify red flags on a resume.  Interviewing the live actors at the seminar highlighted my weaknesses as an interviewer.  Steve and Leigh’s expertise combined with Judy’s extensive background in employment law provided helpful suggestions to make my weaknesses become strengths.”

Dr. Jared Bruggeman, Smoky Hill Dental

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