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We offer the following services to ensure your practice is legally compliant and your staff is successful:

  • Job Descriptions – Do you have legally compliant job descriptions for each position in the practice?

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  • Employee Handbook – Do you have an  Employee Handbook? When was the last time it was updated?

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  • Performance Evaluations – Do you have an Effective Evaluation? When was the last time a Performance Review was done?

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Team Development

Congratulations! You’ve successfully hired the right person! Challenge: How do you integrate them into a winning Team and take the Practice to the next Level? Our personalized programs focus on the “Causes” and not just the “Effects” of poor personnel choices, creating the foundation for Teams and productive organizations that last!

We have developed 6 proven Workshops customized to your particular needs. Each program is then designed to take your team “step by step” to greater confidence, morale, staff retention, increased productivity and an overall improvement in your practices level of “wellness.” A few of these workshops can be combined into an all day program.

Our Workshops

CE Certified

All Master Series® courses have been Certified for CE in the state Of Colorado. Leigh Olson, Owner of Nova Dental Careers, and Judy Holmes, J.D., President of the Compliance Clinic, have partnered to create Master Series Seminars, LLC.   Through Master Series®, Judy and Leigh craft innovative and dynamic seminars and workshops designed to help employers and managers create more productive work environments.

Master Series® seminars and workshops have been described as “engaging, fun and lively with real take-home value.” Programs can be custom designed for any type and size of Healthcare or Dental entity, and can include on-site employment-related audits and evaluations to help employers develop cost-effective management training and management programs.

Our Master Series


We believe that providing a variety of  speaking  platforms  is key to an individual’s  learning experience and process. Whether it is in a Study Club, Seminar, One – on –One, On or Off site Workshop or Convention setting, our innovative and interactive programs are designed to introduce audiences to new ideas, methods and viewpoints on issues facing the Dental and Healthcare Industry today.


Apply. Hire.

At Nova Dental Careers, we are experts at finding the “right fit” for both Career Seekers and Practice Owners that matches not only the job description, but also the culture, personality dynamics, values and vision.

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