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Are you an Employer? Someone that is looking for a “Qualified” candidate that will be the “Right Fit” the first time? Someone who possesses the skills and experience, as well as a fit with the culture, dynamics, values and personalities of your staff and practice? Often referred to by our clients as the Match Makers in Dentistry, we qualify and connect you with serious employees based on shared values, personalities, dynamics and long term goals, not just on skills and experience.

Studies Show

We take the stress out of hiring with our Five Step Process!

  • 50% of all job applications and resumes contain misleading or false information

  • 85% of turnover is a result of style or behavioral incompatibility and not clinical ability

  • The cost of replacing a problem employee can exceed 100% of annual compensation

At Nova Dental Careers we customize the hiring process based on your specific criteria using proven systems and processes that effectively identify and remove the candidates that can lead to hiring disasters that can affect the practice for months or years to come. We create the foundation for “Teams” and productive organizations that will last.

  • Meet with you in person or by phone to talk to you and better understand the dynamics of your Team and Practice

  • Personality Assessment PDP on the principle owner and 1 coworker

  • Mini Interviews with staff to determine the culture and dynamics of the practice

  • Create and place ads using keywords for your specific needs to attract the best candidates

  • Carefully review all resumes

  • Telephone interview with all qualified candidates

  • Personally interviewing qualified candidates in person or Skype interview

  • Personality assessments on top candidates

  • Employer and Reference checks (background checks if necessary)

  • Send the best applicants for interviews – you don’t even need to call them, it’s all done for you!

  • Set up working interview or Office Skills Assessment

  • Personality assessments on top candidates

  • Negotiate salary and benefits for you

  • Offer letter for hired candidate

  • Contact applicants that were not hired

  • Set up the new hire for success from day 1!

Find The Right Fit

Find the Right Fit